Face Pampering 

There are moments when a girl just want to relax and her face is all stressed. The pimples just will not let go. One goes and another comes in another place. What is a girl to do? I decided to test the water and try this face mask. I applied it to my face as … More Face Pampering 

Vegan Travel

Sorry it has been a while since I been on.  I prepared this post sometime ago and just getting a chance to post. Read the post and please provide feedback on vegan restaurants everywhere. I can’t wait to hear back from you. Finding Vegan Food and staying on track was an adventure, but I got … More Vegan Travel


Pampering is very necessary. Sometimes a Diva Girl has to do it on her own. Play the truff on your on grounds. It is nothing like a lady taking charge and it is show nothing wrong with it. Now I am that type of girl who likes some classy, romantic, healthy, freaky, ruff, and all … More Pampering 

Feeding the Body

This morning I was thinking 💭 what am I going to feed my mind, body, and soul today. I knew I had to change my eating habits once again based on my body reactions. The heart burn, indigestion, and acne hijacked my body. It has been through so much because I was not treating it … More Feeding the Body

Tuna Devil Eggs

My mind has been on the go lately. It has been like a waterfall that continues to fall. I manage to keep myself on track by making a schedule everynight for the following day. I even manage to stick to my stop time to clear and relax my mind. Every night before I go to … More Tuna Devil Eggs

Movie Review

I went to see Wonder Woman right.  OMG this movie deserves 5 stars. I will not provide you with the details.  If you have not seen this movie you are missing out. It is jam pack with so much action it will have you on the edge of your seat. I was on the edge … More Movie Review