What You Don’t Know As A First Time Mother

It is trail and error when becoming a parent for the first time. I remember my babygirl moving inside my belly. It was a joy seeing her hands and feet poke out. I could actually see my belly stretch.  I was expecting my babygirl to arrive on her due date and come through a natural deliever.  All my expections did not happen. She was a week late and had to be delievered through a c-section. Why a c-section? I stop dilating around 5. When she arrive the nurse brought her so that I could see her.  She then had to be put on oxygen while the doctor close me back up.  Why did no one tell me about what could happen before it actually did?  That was only the beginning you see. Due to having a c-section I had to get up and walk so that I would not develop blood clots.  Weeks of pain and caring for a newborn was very hard work.  There were things I was not surposed to do because I could tear my stitches. Well I did a lot of things, and boom it happen I tore my stitches.  The stitches had to be packed with gaze. I recovered.  Child Development Stages started for my babygirl.  Later on in her toddler years I would find out that she had Autism.   Being a first time mother I did not know what Autism was.  I knew nothing about services or anything.  What I did know my babygirl was going to be just fine because she had me as a mother.  I remember telling my college professor (Lowney) when she visited me in the hospital that I was going to be the best mom and make sure my babygirl would always be cared for.  Now my babygirl is the oldest of  two.  She is 17 years old and going to graduate this year from high school.  My second pregnancy went as planned, however I did not know what to expect. This will be discussed a little later in another blog post stay tune.  A book and a podcast is coming your way as well on how to plan for obsticales that may develop during pregnancy and afterwards.

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