Strawberry Smoothie


There is nothing more tastier than this strawberry smoothie on today. It is so yummy to my tummy.  It is cool and refreshing. It is as simple as 123. Health and Wellness is everything and what greater way to do it than to make a delicious tasty smoothie.  Live your life to it fullest by taking comfort in what you make and how you prepare it.  When you put your heart and soul in something it is a must have.  Just making it yourself provides you with comfort because you know what you are getting and what is exactly in it.  When you make it you are taking control of your own health.  Strawberries are a great benefit to your health.  Just research it you will see.  It lowers and reduces chances of all kinds of health conditions. Now on to the Strawberry Smoothie Recipe.

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe:

Frozen or Fresh Strawberries

crush ice


100% pineapple juice


Just A Note:  I will only post on Saturday and Sunday unless I can find the time to post through the weekday.  I am so busy with crocheting and knitting to put items in my etsy store.  Visit my store at iamshawonnica.

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