Moms are amazing beings

Moms are amazing in everyway possible especially when they connect with their babies inside their bellies. Just knowing a little one is developing inside of her from a tiny small circle to a fully develop baby just sends sparkles of happiness flying around. Then the baby is born through c-section or natural birth.  It does not matter because that mother knows her role right away. However there are mothers that did not give birth, but they share their heart fully to a motherless child. The term motherless child come from a child who carrier did not have the heart to give fully to her child whether it started at birth or later on in life. Don’t get it twisted every mother who give birth to a child is not a parent, they are just carriers without connections. A mother is a being who fully commits to keep her child safe and to ensure all their needs are met.  With that being said, I just want to send love and thanks to the mothers who sacrifice everything for their child.

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