Acts of Kindness


October is my special month. It is the month I entered the world and so I find it  enthusiastic to give.  Acts of Kindness can happen at anytime, and it  have happened to me plenty of times especially at food chains. It is a triple effect. The person before you pay for your food, and then you pay for the next person food. It starts the day off with a positive vibe.

During the month of September I always create a calendar of what I will give. I do take days off during the month which is marked with an x.  The open days are the days I am able to give what is in my heart for that particular day.  The days marked with bag I will pack bags with items and give them out.

I am excited about this years giving because I will turn 43 and my acts of kindness will be giving 43 items. I would like to hear from you of what you will be doing during your special month this year.

Sign off,




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