Touring Health with IamShawonnica

Balancing  your life is the up most important thing. As a woman in general you have to be true to yourself.   As a mother you know you have so many jobs.  It seems like the day is never going to end, however you have to have me time. I will explain in so many words my issue and how I manage it through fitness and  nutrition.

As many of you know or may not know your thyroid gland is an important part of your body.  It takes iodine which is found in many foods and turns it into thyroid hormones.  The thyroid brings together iodine and amino acids and in returns it makes thyroxine and triiodothyronine.  The reports from the doctor shows them in shorten terms which are thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). So getting to the point the thyroid gland controls your metabolism which equals energy. Your thyroid glands controls important functions of your body which are body weight, body temperature, muscle strength, heart rate, breathing, nervous system, and cholesterol.

Two problems can occur from Thyroid issues. They are hyperthyroid and hypothyroid. I had hyper, but now I have hypo due to not having a thyroid.  The difference between the two are hyper meaning over active and hypo meaning under active. Two symptoms of hyper are racing heart and weight loss. Two symptoms for hypo are weight gain and constipation. There are many other symptoms for both, however I will not discuss them in this posting.  I know of them very well because I have experience them all.

I have been asked so many times how I manage to lose weight and stay healthy with my thyroid issues. It took plenty of  time getting to know my body and doing what works best for me. Just remember just because it works for me does not mean it will work for you.  You have to get to know your body and then do what works for you. Now on to some things that have worked for me.

I meditate in the morning. I drink plenty of water throughout the day at least a gallon. Walking has help a great deal. I walk for miles which usually takes about two hours. When I am listening at my playlist or my podcast it is a relaxer.  Walking clears my mind and increases my focus.  I started my  walking late this year.  Here is my start date for this year, along with  other information.  Join me at the link below if you would like. I don’t always walk this many miles, but often do because my metabolism is low and walking causes it to rise.

Workout: Walk
Date: Jan 30, 2016
Distance: 7.62 mi
Duration: 2:38:53

To view ‘Walked 7.62 mi on 01/30/2016’, follow the link below:

You can also view my profile and add me as a Friend here:

I will just name a few more exercises I do which will not be in detail of why I do them. I enjoy yoga, weights, and a course the trampoline. Most times weight loss means saggy skin, therefore it is important to do tone exercises as well.

I am gluten-free and semi- vegetarian because of gut syndrome which is another issue. I had to change my lifestyle to become a healthier me.  That meant how often, how much, what kind, and certainly no in between.  I hope this one post on my blog helps someone with their journey.

Refer others to join in you think would benefit from my blog.  Fall (Autumn) is here and soon cooler days. Staying warm is important visit my IG page and follow @shawonnicahknitstudio2896  for updates on great knits to keep you warm. In my bio is the link to my online store. Follow me on facebook and like my page @Iamshawonnica

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