Life Starts and Then What……

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I always knew I wanted to have two children. What I did not know I would have two different journeys starting with pregnancy.  You know the saying keeping up with the Jones, well with pregnancy and life it is not that.  I had two different pregnancy journeys and life travels with my two awesome miracles. I have mentioned in a previous post about my first pregnancy which was a C-section. A c-section is when you are cut open to have your baby.  My second pregnancy was so much easier and faster. I had a v back which is a virginal delivery after a c-section. Some women are able to have them and others are not. It all depends on your situation such as, the way you were cut and other female situations.  You have to check with your doctor. I was able to have a v back because of my cut.

This pregnancy went as planned somewhat. I was given a due date and it was right on point because she came that day which was the 23 of December. I remember that day so perfectly. My water broke and I did not even know what it was because I had a leak not a break and due to my first pregnancy I did not experience this. I remember when my mom water broke it was a pour (a lot of water flowing out).  Mine was like a dripping faucet.  I called the doctor and was told my water broke and come to the hospital. I was not in pain and waited around some hours until my husband got off of work. When I did arrive at the hospital I was not in labor long. They broke the rest of whatever and then the pain came. I delivered in about 5 hours. I thought I had to go the bathroom and was told I did not because the baby was coming.  My beautiful baby girl had arrived.  She was so pretty and fat. The problem came when my afterbirth did not come. I had to be put to sleep so they could deliver my afterbirth. After that I was fine. No problems at all. Christmas Morning we went home. I dressed her in this warm cozy baby outfit because it was snowing. You know part of my journey with my two different Pregnancies and now you have to wait on my book.

The pictures above tell a story of my baby girl. She was in my belly and then she was born. As a toddler in daycare she started dancing. She did ballet and gymnastic up until the end of elementary.  She started soccer in elementary.  It was on to middle school which she took a break because middle school was a big transition where she was maturing into another part of her life. She was no longer that little girl, but starting where she needed to take control of a lot of things herself.  She needed to learn how to be more responsible.  Middle School was more about balancing her life.  After middle school she started sports. She is two years in high school now.  She has done a lot since being there. She has shown she is capable of balancing sports and school work.  She is taking some honor classes and is playing softball and tennis, and in clubs at her school.

It is always a pleasure sharing my journey because I am surprised of the transitions my family have taken.  I hope this blog post assist someone on their journey of life just known that sometimes things just don’t go the way you assume they would, but it is your story to tell.

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