My Life as a Crafter


I am that lady who always have those conversations with self before words come out of my mouth with others. I am a very deep thinker and like to have a lot of time to myself.  I am very kind to others, but I will not put up with a lot of sh_ _.  You maybe wondering is this month my birthday, yes it is. A matter of fact it is at the end of this month.  I am that fall/ autumn baby born at the end of October which makes me a Scorpio.  I am a stinger if you take me there.  I have majored in a lot of things in colleges/universities, however I have a BA in Sociology/Anthropology and two MBA Degrees in Business. I started my Ph.D in Public Health with an emphasis in Epidemiology, and I am at the end of my classes, however I had to put it on hold at this time due to some unforeseen family circumstances. Life takes you in different directions at different times in your life.  It is call Life through living and learning.  Even though I love school, I have always had a passionate for crafting and photographing. Particularly working with yarn through crocheting and knitting. I took on crocheting in my home economic class in junior high school. Many of you that are and may not be reading my post may know the lady I owe it all to. She was Ms. McAfee.  She taught me the basics, crocheting, baking, and sewing. I did not like sewing, but I did like the other two.  I continue to crochet and bake. Later on in life I taught myself to knit by reading and watching.  I love to work with yarn this time of the year because it keeps my body warm. I also love to be creative with my recipes.  I love drinking tea with pretty cups, saucers, and tea pots. I was always that little girl who daydreamed about dollhouses and tea parties.  That story of being the only child, grandchild, and niece for years is another story for another day because spoiled beyond all measures is a story to tell.  Measures beyond my years was just the beginning you see. Just looking at yarn takes me to another world, I can see patterns, and designs when I see yarn. You know the saying dreaming to reality or maybe that is my saying. I was speaking with this lady in the craft store day for yesterday and she was saying knitting causes her to have anxiety, but it is totally the opposite for me. It is a stress reliever. My only issue is when I start a project I don’t want to stop.  That leads to the next point if you are looking for homemade knits and crochet just contact me through email, follow me on instagram @shawonnicaknitstudio2896, and like my facebook page @iamshawonnica. You can also purchase items at my Etsy store If you need something custom made send me an email through my store or at

The image above is one of my personal pictures.  In the picture is a start of a knitting project and lime mint peppermint and green tea in one of my many tea cups with a saucer.

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