Graduation Curiosity

The Entrance of Fall
Fall is coming, Fall is coming, and I am excited. During this awesome time of 
the year the leaves turn to beautiful colors. The weather starts to change 
to cooler days. Just to think about the fair coming to town with funnel cakes and 
cotton candy provides me with my strong sense of smell.  I can smell the aroma 
all ready and it has not started yet, but it will soon.  

My daughters get just excited. Their love for the fair is totally awesome.
They run from ride to ride, food station to food station, and game booth to game 
booth. The smiles of my darling babies every time they visit the fair will always be
a forever memory like the day they were born. There are plenty of things I could say 
about my favorite season, but little time to do so tonight. With that being said, I 
would like to extend the invitation to you to share your favorite season an why.

Sign Off,


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