A momma letter moment 

Dear Momma,

I was doing fine until a disruption happened in my life. The transition between middle and high school took a toll on me. I went from being a social butterfly to not socializing at all. For a moment I lost it all it seems like except for you. You was always there by my side being my advocate. You always said no matter what you would make sure I was taking care of. I told them what I wanted my high school years to be like such as: having a locker, being included in activities with my regular peers, and participating in activities outside my contained class. I missed being in middle school because I felt like I was part of it all. I was able to try out for volleyball, be on the cheerleading squad, attend school activities, and go on school trips). That is how my life changed between schools. I was not heard and went into a crisis call depression. I started to talk to myself, walk all night long, had insomnia, did not eat, lost a lot of weightloss, became fragile, could not walk, could not take care of my personal hygiene, and those are just some of the things that came as a result of my deep depression. However, you stood beside me, and got me back to being myself again. I just want to say thank you momma.

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