A Fall Tree

Every year I put up two Christmas Trees and decorate them. One of them is a Charlie Brown tree and the other one is a full tall tree. I get so happy when the tree is decorated and lite.  So this year I decided I would put my Charlie Brown tree up early  to decorate it for the fall. That is not the only thing, I am going to leave it up all year long in my office and decorate it  for the seasons.  You may ask what are you going to put on the tree this season.  Well it is fall and why not decorate it for fall.  I have not decorated it yet, but I will edit this post and provide the image once it is finish. The tree will be adorn with fall leaves, ribbons, and other things.

Another idea since it is breast cancer awareness is to decorate it in pink items with a big pretty pink ribbon at the top.  Now that is a hit. There is so many ways to decorate a fall tree.  I will keep you updated with my Charlie Brown Tree decor.

Sign Off,



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