Redecorate for Seasons

Redecorating comes as a gift for some and for others it is just not happening. In order for me to redecorate I have to go in my top 6 favorite stores which are Target, Bed and Body, Kohls, Homegoods, Kirklands,  and Pier 1. Those are just a few. The colors, shapes, materials, and scents just make me want to mix and match items to purchase for my home. It also provides me with more energy to design more knits and crochets for home decor. I am a knitter at heart. I am working on home decor now. Visit my Etsy store in about a month to find items for you home. There are fall/ winter knits in the store now. If you would like something and do not see it listed email me. There are pictures of items I have made on my business IG -shawonnicastudio2896. I visited Target today and just could not get out in the time frame I set to come out. I visited the clothing section and found many boho stylish picks I felt in love with. I went to the home section and o-my gosh I went nuts over the sofa pillows. I am that girl who love to cuddle on my couch with cozy pillows and knits while watching a good movie on Netflix. You should go what people call window shopping, however you are actually in the store browsing. Take pictures of things you like and print them out for your decor vision board. Now that is a plan. Let this girl know how it goes.

Sign Off,


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