Favorite foods I like to cook with

A three plate glass dish is the most wonderful thing you can have in your kitchen when displaying your favorite must haves. There is nothing like easy access when cooking.  I knew what I wanted and could not find it in the stores so I made it. How I made it is up on my YouTube channel now @Shawonnica Hightower. Subscribe and be amazed at what else is to come.

My Favorite items that I usually cook with everyday are onions, green-yellow-red bell peppers, garlic, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. I love these items. They also bring a flare to my kitchen. When you walk into your kitchen you should want to  experiment with different kinds of food items. When I am in my kitchen I am always thinking of recipes for the next day because if you are like me, I get tired of same thing day after day. It becomes bored and not relaxing. You want to love the food you are eating. Sometimes it just takes blending the flavors together to make it your own. You will be amazed of the new things you create with such great flavor. Get to purchasing your favors and experimenting to create your own. 

Some of the items I have can be eaten raw and they are healthy. Garlic is good for your health in the following ways: detoxifies heavy metals in your body, prevents Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, improves cholesterol levels to lower heart disease risk, reduces blood pressure, and increases function of the immune system which helps stop and decrease the flu and common cold. Did you know Garlic contains fiber, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin c, and selenium? Well it does. Onions also have health benefits through the following ways antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, improves LDL, HDL cholesterol balance, and fights off infections, bronchitis, hay fever, and asthma. Sweet Potatoes contains vitamin A, fiber, and potassium.  This vegetable decreases diabetes, heart disease, and obesity risk. They are known to lower weight and increase energy. Sweet Potatoes have many other benefits as well.  I know these plants have helped me in so many ways.  I could go on and on about how these things help my overall wellness, but I will end for now. 

Signing Off,


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