Face Pampering 

There are moments when a girl just want to relax and her face is all stressed. The pimples just will not let go. One goes and another comes in another place. What is a girl to do? I decided to test the water and try this face mask.

I applied it to my face as the package directions stated. The package states it is a charcoal mud mask. Yes, it is. Yall this mask was so relaxing to my face. I let it dried and closed my eyes. I almost fell asleep. So let me share how it dried on my face.

As you can see it was a grayish looking color. When I dashed my face with water and dried it my face was so soft and smooth. I did notice a difference in my acne. My skin started to clear in a couple of weeks. Now the trick to this is to maintain. Maintain means not to use it one time and expect a change. You have to continue to use it.

Would I recommend this product. Yes, I would. You try it ladies and let me know what your experiences were. As for me I love it.

Where can you purchase this product? Well I purchased mine at Walmart.

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