Why I Created A Baby Journal?

Remember when you first conceived or find out you were expecting? Well for me I could not wait to find out the gender of the baby. My pregnancy was amazing with the movements and seeing my baby stretch every inch of my belly out. I could actually see her stretch out. The memories will forever be molded in my head. I am creating this beautiful baby journal for my girls which begins with conception through high school and college. Story telling of my journey carrying them inside my belly and what my world was like outside will be documented beside their pictures.

The most exciting thing about this is I have my sonograms from both pregnancies which will start the story. I have a YouTube channel showing the first stage of creating this baby journal. My YouTube channel is WildFlower2896.  This would be a great gift for any mother or child. I also create these for customers. If you are interested in a baby journal contact me at my business email which is sshightower@gmail.com for inquiries.

Signing off,


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