The One

L1.  Once there lived a girl name Satie. She was born to two parents broken by one of her parent’s parents. For this reason Satie only had one parent which was her mother who was known as a single parent. The mother had an amazing support system. Everyone that came around loved Satie like she … More The One

Sizing Down

There are moments a person goes through figuring out their body. It may take a minute to say well my body reacts to meat in a way that my stomach just can not handle. Red Meats for example is a no-no for my stomach. For one thing it is to heavy. It is very difficult … More Sizing Down

Leaky Gut Syndrome

I mentioned in my last post I have a leaky gut which is known in doctors term (increased intestinal permeability). You may ask what is this. It is when the digestive tract is damaged and food particles starts to leak in your blood stream.  Toxic waste, bad bacteria and gluten are some of the other … More Leaky Gut Syndrome

Relieving Stress

Some Days you have those days when  anything stresses you out, and you are like what in the world happened. When I have those days I can’t control it, and everything makes me have anxiety. There are things I do to get it together such as a walking for miles, music, warm bath, lite lavender … More Relieving Stress