A Refreshing Smoothie


This smoothie is like the song says Ain’t No Sunshine When She Gone song by the original singer  Bill Withers.  This smoothie is just that with all kinds of flavors. Now the song says when she is gone my smoothie says when the smoothie is gone. Laughing out Loud to myself.  It was so refreshing and delicious I had to put it in one of my wine glasses. You girls know how we are we like things served in nice dishes. When drinks are in glass we feel real special. I know for myself I do anyway.  Let me share with you how this smoothie was made.


crushed ice

fresh kale  (about 6 leaves)

fresh pineapples  (2 huge rectangle shapes)

frozen cube mangos (about 8 cubes)

100% aloe vera juice (no sugar) *gluten free *organic

100% cranberry juice (no sugar) *gluten free *organic

100% pineapple coconut juice (no sugar) *organic

100% fruit juice ( no sugar) *gluten free *organic

coconut sugar (gluten free)

All these products are healthy. I hope you enjoy just as much as I did. As a matter of fact I made enough for tomorrow after my workout. Post workout drink.

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