Whole Foods in Midtown Atlanta

I am a health fanatic when it comes to my health. I want to be that lady who put all the right foods and drinks in her body so the body will be able to heal itself.  I always say you are what you put inside your body. Food and Fitness goes together. I have visited Whole Foods twice.  I love this grocery store. They not only have a variety of fresh food to cook such as, fish, salmon, and so on, but they also have cook food of all kinds which includes vegetarian.  The food is labeled whether it is vegetarian, vegan, or what other kind there is.  The main reason for me visiting this store was to find out if I would rather shop at this grocery store which is a ways from my house or keep shopping at the closer grocery stores which caters all types of food in other categories. Natural products to nourish your hair and body are also available.  A variety of wines are off the charts. Fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs are just spectacular in many ways. They are available in glass containers.  Fresh Flowers of all kinds such as Sunflowers, Tulips, Wildflowers, and many more are located at the entrance of the store for customer purchase.  Now that is a way to greet your customers. As you can tell I am in love with this store. My rating from 1 to 5 stars is 5 stars.  I hope you take time to visit this grocery store.  I did not mention it supports the community and assist nonprofits as well.


Signing Off,




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