Leaky Gut Syndrome

I mentioned in my last post I have a leaky gut which is known in doctors term (increased intestinal permeability). You may ask what is this. It is when the digestive tract is damaged and food particles starts to leak in your blood stream.  Toxic waste, bad bacteria and gluten are some of the other things that leaks into your bloodstream. When toxic wastes leaks into your blood it can cause an immune reaction.  As the syndrome continues you may notice you start to swell in different parts of your body. I will provide you a list of symptoms I have experience from this.

1. Bloating of the stomach 

2. Fatigue

3. Joint pain

4. Weight Gain

5. Digestive problems

6. Headaches

7. Acne

8. Thyroid conditions

9. Food sensitives

This syndrome can be cause from having to much toxin, a poor diet, chronic stress, and bacterial imbalance.

Did you know that bacterial imbalance can occur when mothers’ give birth through c-section or have a unhealthy gut. So mother’s when you are expecting please eat a well balance meal and look into the water you are drinking. I did not know this when I was expecting my two. Knowledge equals power.

What I am doing to heal my leaky gut. I eat gluten free products, drink filtered water, filtered juices, sugar free products, no cow milk. I focus on meditating every day, sleeping more, staying positive by speaking with postivie people, and having fun by doing the things I am enjoy doing. I eat freshly grown fruit and veggies. No can products. Focus on the outside lanes of the grocery store and not the inside.  Organic products, grass feed meat, no red meats, and fish are some of the things I eat to maintain my health. 

If you follow me on IG you have seen I drink bone broth from time to time. This stuff is not delicious to me, however it is said to heal my leaky gut. I eat a lot of yoghurt and kimchi. They contains probiotics to support my gut. I love coconut. I eat almond joy candy. It has coconut and it is gluten free. I eat coconut in other ways as well. I do all kinds of exercises for at least 60 minutes. So there you are a little about me and hopefully this will inspire you.

Signing off,


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