Relieving Stress

Some Days you have those days when  anything stresses you out, and you are like what in the world happened. When I have those days I can’t control it, and everything makes me have anxiety. There are things I do to get it together such as a walking for miles, music, warm bath, lite lavender candle, and washing my hair. Then I am all under control and ready for a nighty-night. 

Walking all together is a healthy situation. Why you may ask, well it relieves stress. When you walk  your self-esteem and mood improves because you feel good about yourself.  Did you know walking also alleviate depression. I know to be true with all the above as well as losing weight. Now everyone knows about my hypothyroid issue, if you don’t go back through my blog under touring health. I address a lot about thyroid issues. I had both hyper/hypo. I feel as I am an expert on this subject having gone through it all from hyper to hypo to no thyroid at all. I have gone from not having weight issues to gaining weight and having to changing my lifestyle completely (walking, gym,eating gluten free, and so on). 

Let me know if you would like to read more on any of these health issues. Email me or comment below.

Bath Meditation relaxes your whole body and reduces soreness of the muscles. I love myself some lavender whatever. Lavender is known to relieve stress. This is a aromatherapy that assists with anxiety, depression, and soothes nerves. The news buzz is a good night sleep is in store.

The hair washing just makes me feel comfortable because my whole body is clean from head to toe.

Music takes the mind to another place. It helps control your breathing and relaxes your soul.

I would like to hear from you. What you do to relieve stress and anxiety?

Signing off,


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