Fragrance Review

Last weekend when I toured Sephora I stumbled across some samples of all sorts.  I am going to review one today. I wore it Thursday.  The fragrance is call Clean Sueded Oud.  The aroma is more like a musk smell to me.  It is a clean fresh scent, however it has a blend of scents such as, birch wood, jasmine, white magnolia, and fir balsam. I am a clean scent kind of lady, but I do not to much care for this perfume as one. I am going to pair it with another perfume and see how I like it.  I am a more of a classy lady who likes floral scents that carries me a long way.  This perfume does not last for hours. It last for about a couple of hours and it is gone.  However you must remember that fragrances smell different on different individuals.  Why you may ask because every one has a different chemistry in there skin.  You may try this and just love how it blends  with your skin, and it may linger longer with you.  I do recommend you try this and see how you like it.  It may be a must have in your circle of perfumes.  What a wonderful gift it maybe for the holidays.  Let me know what you think of this clean scent fragrance.

Signing off,



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