Facial Beauty Review

Over the years I have tried a lot of products for my face. The transition in seasons causes all kinds of headaches for me. My skin goes through transitions from clear smooth skin to a couple of pimples appearing. It is rough I tell you marks are left behind. My skin is very dry and flakey. I think I may have found a solution for it. Two of the samples I received at Sephora were Peter Thomas Roth Viz-1000 Hyaluronic Acid Complex and Lancôme Glowing Booster. These two products are miracle works. I absolutely love these products. My skin is hydrated all day with a glow. My skin usually have pimples on my nose by now, but I have not experience them since using these products. 

The Viz-1000 hyaluronic acid is a serum to hydrate and replenish the skin.  I utilize this product before going to bed. I clean my face and apply it and get my beauty sleep while it is moisturizing my skin through the night. I also use it in the morning.  I have used this product for about two weeks now. I am 43 years of age and it is essential that I take care of my flawless skin while I am getting younger (lol).  This product assists with keeping the skin moisturized and by doing this it is a kicker for aging, damaged skin, and smoothes fine lines. It keeps you looking gorgeous and radiance all day long with or without makeup. You decide that one. I have done both.  This product is a five out of five for me. This was a sample and I will be purchasing a large bottle of this. So you will be informed a 1 oz bottle of this at Sephora is $65.00, however a little goes a long way. If you are serious about your skin care I recommend this product.

The next sample I adore as well is from the brand Lancôme. What is not to love about this product. It is from the land of love. The name is Glowing Booster which says it all glow. All skin types can use this one. My skin is a combination, mainly dry.  Just like the product above it is a liquid product and only takes a little. It is a must have for hydrating. I apply this product along with Viz-1000 in the morning and it lasts all day long. My skin glows, and it has moisture all day. No flakes or dryness. What is in this product you may ask…..we’ll let me inform you. It has Lemon balm, goji berry, and vitamin E which provides radiance and a fabulous glow to any aging person. I always get I look younger than I actually am (around my daughters age).  I love taking care of my skin so I am recommending this product.  I must say it is spectacular because I am a natural type of girl and this products says it all. Why? No sulfate, phthalates, and parabens. I applied this product and no longer looked tried in the face. Most days I am exhausted that is what hypothyroidism do to you. A bottle of this usually runs a round $55.00.  I give this product a 5 out of 5. Yes, I will be purchasing a big bottle of this.

You try these products and let me know what you think.

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