The One


Once there lived a girl name Satie. She was born to two parents broken by one of her parent’s parents. For this reason Satie only had one parent which was her mother who was known as a single parent. The mother had an amazing support system. Everyone that came around loved Satie like she was theirs. How could no one adore Satie. She was a precious baby doll. She had the prettiest light brown eyes and pretty smooth skin.  She was the first everything (granddaughter, niece, and child). There was one thing missing her dad. Satie always knew her dad, however she always wondered why he never came around. She wanted her dad to be in her life so bad.  The most terrible thing happened to Satie when she was just a little girl. Satie and her mother moved directly across from her dad and his wife. She thought surely he would come to spend time with her and take her to activities. He never came. How could he do this to me she thought to herself. Satie’s mother always took care of all her needs and wants. That little girl was still missing one thing her dad.  She was known as a fatherless child.

This is for all dads out there. A girl needs her father love, protection, and support. She needs him to teach her what a gentleman does for his lady such as, open the door for her, pull the chair out for her, say kind words to her, and respect her in every possible way.  She can then teach her kids how to treat their dates and later on the significant person in their lives.

Stay tune for L2.

Signing off,


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