5 great holiday gifts $5 and under

The most amazing gifts $5.00 and under. The start of the holidays are always splendid to me. I love everything about Christmas. There is no way you can go wrong  with a Rechargeable especially if you have a cellphone and on the go all the time. It is not only used for cellphones, but also for any USB charge device.  The Pom-Pom and color send a message that this lady is a classy madam. This product was only 5.00 what a deal.

A USB cable is a must for most devices. This is a great gift especially giving in bundles because they are used at home and on the go. A person need one at home, in the car, and in their purse. Price: $5.00

A girl who have to go in a place that requires no big bags like most ladies like to carry would find this to be the terrific gift. You may ask what will this hold. Well your license/ATM card/ little cash. Price: 4.00

Can you believe I found this rose gold eyeshadow palette for 3.99. A deal right. Any lady who is about makeup and beauty would adore this.

Clean nails are part of the beauty process. This manicure set is just the right gift for that girl to keep hersel together. She can take this on the go especially if she is a traveler. Price:2.00

Keeping up those brows then this a perfect gift for a beauty giver. Combine this item with other body products and there you have a beauty maintenance gift. As you can see a 3.00 dollar deal.

Instead of doing 5 items under 5.00 I was able to do 6 because one item was 2.00 and the other 3.00. 

Just remember need gifts can be wants as well. Make your list set your price and shop.

Signing Off,


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