Stepping Into My Light


Every year it is always I will do it next year. Well what if next year never comes, with that being said I decided to do whatever at that moment because the hour and minute is never known. So I step into my light every single minute of the day. However I never forget I can not do everything so I start with the most important matter at hand for that particular minute and hour. I am loving the light that is given to me. I believe everyone has a light so step into your light and reserve your own personal space. I chose to live my life how I know best to do it for myself. I am Shawonnica exactly. The correct person to do my mission.  I always tell my self, time is of the essence don’t waste it. I Dream, Believe & Achieve to always be successful at whatever I do. Those are the essentials I abide by for myself.

Signing Off,


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