Women & Flowers

                                 ~Pinterest Picture~ Different kinds of flowers have different meanings for different women. The same goes for the number of flowers receive especially fresh flowers. As we know the colors of Roses say different things, however your significant other may … More Women & Flowers

Ice Skating

This girl has always been fascinated with ice skating. She finally got the chance to do it. She never seems to amaze me. She hit the ice for the first time and was able to skate without assistance.  If your child consistently bug you about participating in any type of sport or dance let them … More Ice Skating

Strawberry Waffle Sandwich

This Strawberry Belgium Waffle  Cream Cheese Sandwich is delicious and a joy to make.  It is surround with strawberry syrup I made with maple syrup. Homemade cream cheese frosting is also homemade. Strawberry Syrup making is on my YouTube Channel.  Visit and subscribe. Signing off, iamshawonnica 

Women Rules

http://www.laperia.com The lingerie at Laperia is sophisicated and amazing. A women who loves herself and like to keep it sexy for her man knows the deal of rules for women. Buying the most beautiful sexy lingerie is all to spicy for one to digest. The secret to women rule is finding the most delicate soft … More Women Rules

Cotton Candy Ball

Designing is one of the most mind-blowing things I do other than meditate.  I create how I see beauty at that moment in time. To me time is always of the essence. When I created my new design line of Cotton Candy Ball it was like becoming a little girl all over again. It took … More Cotton Candy Ball