Environmental Friendly 

In a deep moment of thought I have to share how much we are like trees. They live we live. They die we die. Some of them change with the season and some do not. We change due to circumstances. They have to have water to live and so do we. We have different skin color and they have different colors on leaves and limbs. We are different cultures and genders. They are different types.  They stand, we stand. We are slim, medium, and chunky (sizes) and so are they. The leaves and berries are different colors, shapes, and sizes. We have different hair color, textures, and lengths. Trees limbs break. We break mentally and physically.  They age and we age. Some of them have bends in their back bone and so do we. They talk by actions such as, falling or being dry. We open our mouths and spill out words. They hurt things when they fall. We hurt others and things physically, mentally, and emotionally. They bleed sap, tar, and gum. We bleed red blood, discharges, and pus. We have babies. They have blooms.  They also have babies through planted seeds.  The meaning to this is to say we all are alike and that is why we should protect the environment and each other.

Think about it.

Just a moment of deep thought.

Signing off,


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