Red Velvet Smoothie

When I tell you this Smoothie was a delight to my tummy it was awesome! I just tell you the recipe and let you decide. 

For Christmas one of my gifts was a heavy duty blender called a Ninja with a lots of watts.

I used the cup that came along with the blender to make this amazing drink. 



Pineapple juice

Crush ice

Ice cream 


Vanilla syrup


So I blend the strawberries with some juice and sugar first. Set to the side.

Next blend the raspberries, sugar, pineapple ice juice add water and blend. Place to the side

Blend milk, vanilla syrup, and milk like a shake. Place to the side.

Time to combine in your mason jar. First strawberry smoothie, second raspberry smoothie, and milk shake. Continue with a second layer. In order to get the second layer smoothies and milk shake have to be divided. After a minute the layers will combine together by themselves.

There you have your Red Velvet Smoothie! Enjoy

Signing off, 


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