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As a woman I found it interesting to learn about the history of women. It is amazing how the movie Hidden Figures tell the hidden story behind four African-American Women some of us did not know about.  It is spectacular how these women were apart of the huge success of NASA in the ’60s being that was the time of  World War II , Cold War, and The Civil Rights Movement.  Along the way we learned about the Civil Rights Movement, however there were other specific things that happened during that time which was not so cruel which should also be highlighted.  These women were amazing they were intelligent beyond means. When you have the smarts no one can take that away from you. That goes to show through all the heartache that was going on during that time their smarts lead them to lead the world in their own way. We should honor the women behind the hidden story:  Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Christine Darden. I would recommend you read the book and see the movie.

I will share a little bit about history during that time. African American Women did not know where they fitted in society in the 60’s.  The Wars were going on along with Civil Rights, and the feminist moments. Their roles were downplaced when it came to men and were not recognized by the caucaisan society.  Discrimination was wild because caucaisan women did not see them equal.  Class status did not mean anything during that time.  Race, Gender and Class were in la-la land you can say.

Remarkable Right!

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