Women Rules



The lingerie at Laperia is sophisicated and amazing. A women who loves herself and like to keep it sexy for her man knows the deal of rules for women. Buying the most beautiful sexy lingerie is all to spicy for one to digest. The secret to women rule is finding the most delicate soft color lingerie and the sweetest smell of perfume. Everyday when a woman goes out she should be a cheri in her own way. Her man would surely say mon cheri amour meaning (My darling love). She will feel delicate and beautiful all day everyday if she just do this one thing wear the most sexiest lingerie underneath her wardrobe. She will find the difference in the way she carries herself.  She will walk with her head held high -n- her body line straight. She does not have to speak a word because her body says it all.  The lingerie on the above website is simply amazing.  I find the bras all the way to slips to be the love of any woman and her man. A lady can carry herself in an elegant and graceful way in her suspender stockings and bracelet. You know what Marvin Gaye song states: When I get that feeling I want Sexual Healing. So why not feel sexy in your lingerie all day long.

All these items are fashion accessories.  For some reason I adore the petal pink Morgane Underwired Bodysuit which is priced at 150.00 and the Morgane Push-Up Bra in the same color priced at 126.00. To add to the wonderful Morgane line would be to add the mid-rise briefs priced at 75.00. A girl deserves to treat herself with kindness all the time.  These items and more can be purchased in the US in the following states: New York,  Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, Costa Mesa, Beverly Hills,  and Bal Harbour at the LA Perla Boutiques.

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts men and women.

Signing off,



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