Women & Flowers

                   ~Pinterest Picture~

Different kinds of flowers have different meanings for different women. The same goes for the number of flowers receive especially fresh flowers.

As we know the colors of Roses say different things, however your significant other may love a certain color. In that case I would get some that says what that flower means blending with some of her favorite flowers.  For me I love daisies which means purity, innocence, loyal love, patience, and cheerfulness. Dahlia means grace and inner strength. Calla Lily means knowledge, intuition, refinement, and beauty.  Red Rose means passion. Pink Rose means blossoming romance. Yellow Rose means lovers. White Roses mean Lavender means grace, elegance, and refinement. Orchid Flowers means love, beauty, and charm.  If you know orchids if have different means according to color. I love them all. Put all these flowers together and I am in heaven. 

The meaning of one flower to me means devotion, love, and many things to follow. 24 or more roses state he love from the beginning and forever. The number of flowers could also state the years you all have been together in unity.

I would recommend men to get to know their significant other by listening to their significant other and paying attention to details. 

I would love to hear what you think ladies.

Signing off,


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