Pineapple Icey 

There are days I just do not want to chew or want anything heavy on my tummy. After my morning walk this morning I chose to make a refreshing pineapple icey topped with whip cream. Recipe: Half pineapples 1/2 teaspoon Honey Half crushed ice Half orange juice  Blend all together  Top with whip cream  Cream … More Pineapple Icey 

Shrimp and Rice

Why not eat something good and healthy. Try this. Shrimp Recipe: *honey (1 cup) *soy sauce  (1/4 cup) * fresh ginger. (1 tsp) * garlic (1 tbs) * shrimp Marinate shrimp in ingredients for 25 minutes or more.   * 2 tbs of olive oil in frying pan Place marinated shrimp in oil and cook … More Shrimp and Rice

Ciroc Smoothie

It is nothing like having a tastey drink. The recipe is below. Ingredients: *Make lemonade first ( honey sweetener) *Apple Ciroc  *blue berries *orange juice * lime *crush ice Blend all together  Place in mason jar top it with lemon and lime  Enjoy Signing off, iamshawonnica 

Smoothie Relaxer

This smoothie is the truth! You know how you want something, but not to chew here it is. Let’s get to it. Recipe: * Half cup of pineapples *about 5 to 6 blueberries *about 5 to 6 raspberries  * strawberry banana orange juice half cup * 1tbs of honey * crush ice  Blend it all … More Smoothie Relaxer

Women Mission.

Women Mission is an important concept because we are so alike in so many ways. Do you ever state you are not a feminist? Well let’s look at the sociology of the matter. You may look at that term and think it has one meaning  men and women equality in all aspects of opportunities.  Yes, … More Women Mission.

Knitting & Giving

In July of 2010 Successful Dreams Beliefs And Achievements, Inc. received 501c3 nonprofit status to help people in need. This organization is also known as sDreamba, Inc. and SDBA, Inc. I am Shawonnica S. Hightower the Founder and CEO. So you may ask how do knitting come in play with this organization? Well I believe … More Knitting & Giving

Eating Habits

Fresh Vegetables are always delicious and pretty. Look at the photo above. Bright colors are a sign of healthy and happy.  Let’s start by discussing onions first. Did you know onions have vitamin C which assists immunity?  They contain a great amount of biotin. The chromium in onions aid in keeping your blood sugar on … More Eating Habits

Healthy Eats

Healthy eating can be difficult sometimes. Why do I say that? Everyone has different medical conditions such as arthritis, digestion, gluten intolerance, dry skin, bowel issues, and asthma just to name a few. Well you have to think about the foods you eat, and how it relates to your medical issues. Certain foods can cause … More Healthy Eats