Knitting & Giving

In July of 2010 Successful Dreams Beliefs And Achievements, Inc. received 501c3 nonprofit status to help people in need. This organization is also known as sDreamba, Inc. and SDBA, Inc. I am Shawonnica S. Hightower the Founder and CEO.

So you may ask how do knitting come in play with this organization?

Well I believe Education through art helps with calmness, to improve focus, and concentration. That is why I am recruiting students in the mild to moderate autism spectrum and preteens to teens  in the less fortunate areas to teach how to crochet for fun and fundraise for annual campaigns to continue to help those in need.

Donations are always welcome.

The above hats are up for grabs to raise funds for materials needed to teach crocheting and knitting.

Instagram: sdreambainc.

Instagram: sdreamba.

Visit and follow for updates. Email or leave a message for information or to ask questions.


Nonprofit Website is under construction.

Signing Off,


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