Fitness and Healthy Eating 

Chicken Chilli/Green Ginger Tea blended with ice soy milk/Town House Crackers

How do fitness and healthy eating go together? 

• Energy

• Relaxation 

• Stress Free


• Vitamins

• Muscle


.• Focus

• Coordination 

• Decrease Health Issues

• Weight Loss

Have you heard of the terms HDL and LDL. HDL is shorten for High Density Lipoprotein which is Good Cholesterol. LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) which is Bad Cholesterol. HDL is the cholesterol that everyone should want. It keeps the bad protein away. The Bad Cholesterol is something everyone should be aware of. It can cause heart disease and strokes by the arteries being clog. Bad Cholesterol builds up on the arteries wall and can cause a health disaster.

HDL can be increased in the following ways:

• exercising

• losing weight 

• eating sugar in low amounts

• stop smoking 


• fish 

• fibers

• whole grains

• nuts

• beans and legumes 

• olive oil

The above are great ways to start to look out for your health. If you don’t who will? Be Accountable for yourself. Live to see another day.

Signing off,


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