Women Are Powerful

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This day means different things for different women. It may mean one thing to one female and something totally different to another female. Let’s celebrate each other because we wear many hats that is proven to be powerful. The things we are able to conquer no man will ever be able to do, such as having children. The stretching and pain we endure because of pregnancy is amazing. We are able to carry another human being in our bodies and work outside and inside the home during and after pregnancy. It is spectacular how our nurture instants kick in for our birth kids, step kids, grandkids, and the list goes on.

Women globally are creating change in the world. Our cultural background may be different, however we are bold to stand up in numbers and say what we want and mean. The achievements of women are celebrated not based on ethnicity, cultural, nationality, or language but because women rights are important. There is  still room for women rights to grow.   We are still marching and voicing for many issues that have existed for years and things that are steady changing. Women empowerment is so valuable as we address political, economic, and social challenges all over the world.

~Women respect women~Women encourage one another~Women empower each other~ ~We are one nation and powerful in numbers~

Signing Off,


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