Banana Pudding Dessert

Days like this is hardly ever when I get to just be home all day which is call down time for me.  I am relaxing in the sunroom where the sun lady provides me with vitamin D. While I am receiving my vitamin naturally I am staying warm with a little wind blowing through the back door where it stands open so that the dog babies can go about their day. I recline back in my office chair staying busy as graduation day nears .  I am busy preparing for the first of my children to graduate. It is so wonderful to hear the birds chirping at the beginning of spring. A bright sunny beautiful day God has made so that I could wake to see it. 

Just as I prepare to reminisce on my break I am thinking what kind of flavors my mouth is watering for.  I can taste the flavors of key lime, cranberries, pecans, banana pudding, whip cream, and shortbread in my mouth even though those flavors are not there yet. I think you get the jest of things. That is how I came up with a Banana Pudding Parfait. I made a banana pudding yesterday for my special someone. It was made without bananas.

The Banana Pudding Recipe:

• 1 (5oz) vanilla cook and serve instant pudding

• 1 (5oz) banana cream cook and serve instant pudding

• 2 {1/2} cups of cold milk

•1 (14oz) can sweet condensed milk

•1 tbs of vanilla extract

•1 (12oz) container frozen whipped cream 

•Vanilla wafers

Mixed banana and vanilla pudding together in a pot. Mix the milk and cook until it starts to bubble. Stir gradually. As it starts to thicken turn stove off. Let cool. 

Blend in Condensed milk with pudding in a bowl. Fold in vanilla extract and cool whip cream. Pour pudding in your serving pan and cool in fridge for a hour. Place wafers on top after cooling. Left over pudding is placed in the fridge

The Next Morning Banana Pudding Parfait

I fixed myself personal layers of this parfait in a one person dessert dish.

1st layer~ crumble shortbread

2nd layer~ key lime noosa yoghurt 

3rd layer~ pudding and wafers

4th layer~ cool whip cream

5th layer~ top with pecans, cranberries,  and walnuts

I know, I know not to healthy and not to unhealthy either. I indulged, but I did this afterwards.

My body is good. No gym today, but there is exercise equipment at my home. Staying in shape is what I do. I motivate myself.

Enjoy ❤️!!!!!!!!!

signing off,


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