Body Detoxing 


I love myself so much and I can truly say I take extra care of myself. What do I mean by that? I actually listen to my body. My body tells me when I need to detox through the following ways:

• lack of energy

•lower part of my back hurts and circles around to my stomach

•consist headaches which will not leave



• difficult focusing 

•tired for no reason

•craving sweets and caffeine 

•memory loss


•skin itching and burning

How Do I Detox?

I eat plenty of organic vegetables and fruits. Smoothies and juicing is also helpful. No sugar of any kind. No over the counter meds just herbal and natural meds. If you are taking prescription meds continue doing so.  Drinking plenty of  filtered water, natural juices, and herbal teas. I have adjusted a liking to Matcha Green Tea Cleanse. Exercise to sweat. Sweat equals toxins existing the body. Bone Broth heals leaky gut. Body and facial exfoliate gets rid of old cells/dirt, and clogged pores. Blood circulation is better.  Epsom Salt Baths are relaxing and a health benefit all in one. Magnesium is release from the Epsom Salt. This helps get rid of waste. Lemon Water assists with electrolytes hydration. 


All these items get rid of toxins. While detoxing do not eat/drink sugar, drink alcohol/coffee and no processed foods. These are things that destrub the gut which can result in a leaky gut. This means these items leaks in the bloodstream causing toxins to be released. This can result in body swollen and stomach bloating. 

Ginger Matcha Green Tea;Orange

Signing off,


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