Mind, Body & Soul

My first time at Starbucks. Was it as I expected?  Nope. Was the items I tried good? Yes. Would I visit again? Yes, not at the drive thru. A long wait time. Location: McDonough, Ga.  Very Friendly!

What did I expect?  I expected Starbucks to have this cozy atmosphere where people come to network, socialize, or just to come to drink coffee, tea, and eat. The space was tight. There was hardly move around space. Parking Lot small. No where for cars to line up for the drive through. So what did I have on my first visit which was so good?

This is a Ice Chai Tea Latte! I like it hot and cold. I tried both ways. I only been there twice. It is expensive, but so splendid. It was made with soy milk a course. A girl is never to go anywhere without her Herbal Tea. That is what a classy lady does. 

I also had a Roasted Tomato Mozzarella Panini. This sandwich gave me the absolutely best. You maybe saying no meat. Yes, no meat.  Why would I need meat?

Have you ever thought about animals lives. They are similar to human beings. That subject is for another day. 

Au Revoir/Caio/Chow

Signing off,


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