Today’s Craving

Mornings do not have to be difficult at all. Just keep it plain and simple. I started my day off with just a Thank you Lord for blessing me to see another day. Meditation followed with exercise stretches. Took a warm bath, hair, moisturizer, and makeup. Breakfast was simple an absolutely delicious. The finest Yoghurt … More Today’s Craving

Flakey Skin

The one thing that I am always trying to find is a way to combat my dry flakey skin. My skin has a mind of its own, and I can not seem to read it. No matter what I use my skin reacts the same way. I have tried lotions, scrubs, oils, and creams. After … More Flakey Skin

Panini Sandwich

A simple Healthy Tomato Basil Sandwich O- how I love a tomato basil sandwich with a cherry-lemonade to start my day. I am going to keep this short and simple. Recipe: Smart Pockets (Brand: Toufayan) Not GF Sliced Mozzarella cheese on one side of bread One slice of tomato (sprinkle with salt and pepper) Basil … More Panini Sandwich