Review exclusive: Yogurt; Ice cream Shops

McDonough, Ga
No Sugar Raspberry Ice

Whenever you are in that mode for a sugar-free yogurt or icecream that is delicious you should travel to McDonough, Ga. Yes, you heard it correctly McDonough, Ga. 35 minutes from Atlanta, Ga. 

The first is a no sugar Raspberry icecream. When I tell you it was out of this world amazing. It was so amazing you will want to go for some more. It has this ridiculous bright reddish color that makes you want it before you even taste it. It will knock your shoes off. The place is called Sweet Creams & Coffee.  

Information about this ice cream parlor: Owners: Arnold & Mea Smith _Address: 1115 McDonough Place McDonough, Ga 30253. 


No Sugar Pecan Praline Yogurt

Tutti-Frutti Yogurt Parlor is a place which you can go and sit down in peace and just enjoy so much flavor. I don’t even know where to start to tell you about this place because it blow my mind away.  It is a calming and meditation environment. Starting with the decor. It not only have high tables and chairs, but to add to the excitement soft colorful sofa chairs with coffee tables.  There are so many kinds of frozen yogurts and toppings to chose from you just do not know which one to chose from. The one above is a no sugar pecan parline topped with sesame seeds, graham cookies, walnuts just to name a few. I highly recommend you visit this place and put it on the map.

Well that’s my review for today.

Signing off,


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