Organically is better 

Organic food is healthy and delicious. This food is known to have less pesticides and it is fresher. Why fresher? It does not contain preservatives. 

Preservatives are substances used to keep food fresh and from rotting. Not only is organic better for you it is overall better for farmers to farm organically in order to save the environment. I know you have heard the saying we are what we eat.

One of the reasons so many people have health issues : Animals are given antibiotics, growth hormones, and by products. 

•Growth Hormones are hormones which stimulates growth in animal or plants.

•Antibiotics are penicillins which is known to destroy and weakening bacteria or fungi that causes infections and infections diseases. 

•By Products are products which are formed due to another product creation. (Ex. Remaining of refine sugar is molasses)

Organic is best for you because it is grown without pesticides, gmo’s (genetically modified organisms), sewage sludge, and a range of other things. Animals who are given antibiotics or growth hormones can cause wreckage on your body and digestive system.

Did you know toxins are killers. Pesticides are toxic to your body which you are eating. You can reduce that by eating organic. You have to think about how deadly pesticides are to bugs and then you have to think of yourself.

Fruits and veggies are great to eat because they are good for your body and mind as long as they are naturally produce without the toxins.

Expecting mothers need to be mindful of what they are putting in their bodies. Their babies are developing and less toxins exposure are always better. Every baby matters before and after he/she is born. That is why every mother should want their baby immune system fully develop without this being the case. 

If animals are given antibiotics and then a human who is taking antibiotics eat them would you think this is a form of overdose or drug abuse?  It could be a reason why our body have resistance and will not fight off bacteria in our systems.

What team are you on when it comes to clean water? Why I am asking that question is because when pollutants and pesticides get into ground water it causes problems for anything that is living. The soil is destroyed of its richness causing erosion and the water becomes unsafe for us to drink.

Something for you to think about. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Signing off,


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