Wellness Check for Women 40 and over


Ladies when it come down to our wellness absolutely no one should be omitted.  You know the saying “If you don’t care then who cares” get on board to a better you. That is a way of saying listen to your body because it talks to you by how it is acting or how you are feeling. For example: When you are full from eating it provides you with a message. Now it is your choice to listen to it and stop eating or keep eating and over feed your temple.  When you ignore what the body is saying it starts to show signs of different illnesses or diseases.  So listen and do what the command tells you.

Now moving on to our Over 40 Wellness Check .  I pick 40 because I am 43 at this moment in time.

You become grown at age 18 due to the law, however you become legal at the age of 21.  So at the age of 21 every lady should have a complete physical.  How often you may ask. After your first one it should be done once every 5 years until you reach your 40’s. When you reach the beginning of my lucky number that is 40, a yearly physical start. It is very important or my favorite word essential that you get checks on your thyroid function, liver/kidney function, vitamin D, vitamin B12, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

Along with your physical you should also get a Pap Smear starting at age 21. This is a test that will tell you how your vagina is hanging in there. You want to know how your lady (vagina) is hanging in there. It will tell you if there are early signs of cervical cancer, and if you have anything else which may have been transmitted through sexual contact.  (Every year you should be tested for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and HIV if you are sexual active). This pap smear thing timing will change once you turn 30 if  it turns out you have been lucky enough to have three consecutive normal results.  A pap smear will then need to be done every 3 yrs. That also changes at the age of 65 now that is another story for another day.

You should check your skin every day to see if there are any changes in the size and color of moles and if you have a history of skin cancer in your family you should see a dermatologist yearly and every other year if you have Melanoma.

In your 30’s you should get the Human Papillomavirus test that is referred to as HPV test. This test detects the presence of the virus that causes cervical cancer. Once you get the test at the start of your 30’s  it should be done again with your pap smear every 3 years.

A blood sugar test should be done every 3 yrs. It checks for diabetes.

The lucky age: 40s

Along with yearly physical a cholesterol test should be included at this age . A cholesterol test is also known as a lipid profile and lipid panel.  It checks you for good cholesterol (HDL), bad cholesterol (LDL),  and Triglycerides. Triglycerides are the calories your body does not need. This is stored fat you just do not need because it can result in being overweight and that will turn into health problems. LDL causes toxins in your blood causing a buildup of fat in the arteries decreasing the blood from flowing. This is not good because it can lead to a heart attack or heart stroke.


So ladies let’s start early and keep it going with a healthy life by knowing what to do before it even starts.

If you need help or reminders I am available as a Health and Wellness Consultant.

Don’t forget to follow me on IG @shawonnicalifestyle.

Signing off,


MBA Health Care Management

MBA Human Resources

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