Today’s Craving

Mornings do not have to be difficult at all. Just keep it plain and simple. I started my day off with just a Thank you Lord for blessing me to see another day. Meditation followed with exercise stretches. Took a warm bath, hair, moisturizer, and makeup. Breakfast was simple an absolutely delicious. The finest Yoghurt of them all Noosa. Noosa is gluten free and contains calcium, proteins, probiotics, and active cultures that are good bacteria. 

After a long day I only had a taste for cheese grits and grilled shrimp. I could not find this meal anywhere already prepared to eat and so I had to cook. It came out so delicious. The shrimp was Cajun shrimp. 

I prepared this coconutlemonade about two days ago. So today I add a little apple circo to my tastey drink. It was on point.

Some days just keep it simple and keep it moving. It is nothing wrong with that. Live your life with a great spirit. 

Signing Off,


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