Kitchen Must Haves

high top pancookware1The year of 2017 is the year of change. Healthy ways Healthy saves. When you are cooking you should have some of the best cooking items in your space.  I just love The Pioneer Woman vintage non-stick  preseason cookware set.  This cookware speaks class. My 10 pieces set consist of 4.2 qt jumbo cooker with lid, 2.5 qt sauce pan with lid, 1.1 qt sauce pan with lid, 5.5 qt Dutch oven with lid, 9.5″ frying pan, and 8″ pre-seasoned cast iron frying pan.  cast iron and knife

I love cast iron cookware because they are heavy, and they are great for frying, sauteing, and placing food from the stove top into the oven to continue cooking.  They are just the right type to put under the broiler as well.  Cast Iron Pots are not flimsy.  There are certain ways to care for them.  img_1636

Cast Iron Care Instructions:

No Soap; No steel wool

Clean in hot water; Soak if necessary

I use olive oil to oil my cast iron cookware after washing so they will not rust.

Next I bake them in the oven for about and hour.

I have a small cast iron frying pan, a large one, a cast iron double-sided grille for gas stove, and a cast iron grill press

All types of measuring cups are a plus.  A great knife is always a plus when chopping vegetables and cutting meat.  I love to cook my own food, and so I purchase different items I may use for different recipes ranging from liquids to solids.  My recommendation is to invest in some awesome products for your kitchen.  Measuring utilizes

So on my next blog I will provide information on my Health and Wellness Management Company called Shawonnica Lifestyle. Stay tune for some essential information that will be awesome for you or someone else.

Signing Off,


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