Shawonnica’s Introduction 

I know I know this introduction is late. Better late than never.

Hello I am Shawonnica Hightower. I am a Health and Wellness Consultant at Shawonnica Lifestyle. Shawonnica Lifestyle is a Health and Wellness Management Company.

 We schedule your appointments, keep up with your appointments, and send you reminders. 

Have you ever been diagnosed with an illness and still do not understand everything about how it affects you in relations to lifestyle change (food, meds, exercise) and what exactly is that illness?  The whys behind the appointment. We can help by researching all that and sending you the information if it is not in our e-books. 

Do you know how to relax your mind? Take away all the thoughts? Meditation is perfect. We can assist with that too.

Are you that first time mom and need some help before the baby is born? Do you need to know information of what could happen before it happens? Do you need a first time mommy and baby carepackage or know someone who does? We can assist.                                                    

Are you that parent who have a child/adult with autism and need another autism parent to speak with or need someone to listen to you? Well I am that parent.

The experience:

It is personal, corporate, and education all rolled into one. I am a Valdosta State Alumni (BA in Sociology & Antropology), Colorado Tech Alumi (MBA in Health Care Management and Human Resources) and Walden University Ph.D Student (Public Health Epidemiology). 

Consultation Appointments are available. Email me for an appointment or send a message.

Yours Truly,

Shawonnica S. Hightower 

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