Egg & Lettuce Salad

My family always want me to cook something I can not eat. I cooked them beef spaghetti so I guess I was thinking to hard how I could make it work for me too. So I made turkey spaghetti. My baby girl quickly reminded me after cooking it I could not have it because of the transition to no meat. That’s  when the egg and lettuce salad popped in my mind. I went to the grocery store and bought a lot of things I could and wanted to get. The cool thing about this situation is I can eat the items alone or mix them with something else for a complete meal.  I made an Egg & Lettuce Salad. 


*Boil Eggs

*Mix Salad 

*pumpkin seeds 

*sunflower seeds


*Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette 

Now that is a vegetarian salad!

Signing off,


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