The Season of Blessings 

Through my mission of a better health a better me I have learned a lot of things and seen things come to the light.  Things I could never see God gave me that time to see clearly what was always in front of me.  Some good some bad however it has taught me a lot about who I am and what I want. 

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with a complete stranger because of my kind generosity he returned a kind generosity.  He shared some knowledge that I have been thinking about for a while. I guess God sent him my way to provide me with confirmation. You know the saying if you take one step God will take two it is very meanful and true. He provides you with the power to move your dreams.

 So I have to ask the question are you sailing or flying? Are you the slow ship or the fast train?  Do your mind consistently move fast with ideas you can’t slow down? That is the light bulb glowing. Or do your mind standstill and you do not have any idea of how to move forward? Then you are stuck in a puddle of water.  How will you change from the ship to the train? Check your surroundings. What does it consist of? Do it go with how you would like your future to look?  If not make changes in your life now.  Not tomorrow or the next day start right now.  The thing of it all,  it is not what others believe;  It is what you believe. You be the one who set your future (the leader not the follower). Powerful right!

 I had a pretty good day. The Wonder Woman movie have messages if you read between the lines to see them.  You actually have to focus on some of the wording and put them together of how you interpret the message. Decoding you can say. 

The message of today is: The things you need are right in front of you. Are you looking and hearing them? They come in many forms it is up to you to pay attention. When God send you the light bulb glow observe, listen, and move. If you are in the puddle of water you will miss it. 

Until next time.


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