Fathers are Important

Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers! 

Fathers are different than a sperm donor. Any man can give a sperm and produce a baby, but not all can be a father. It is important to thank the ones who gave their sperms to produce children in my eyes because without them a baby may not be here. So thanks for giving life. 

A father is a real man who will be in their children life in whatever circumstances that may come into play. He is there to see the special and not so special moments. He will take the time to hear the child out and see how he can assist. No matter how far away he is from his child he will make away to be there visually, physically, or in voice. No matter how far part, he still is near by the things he does. The most awesome thing about it is he will go to the end of the earth to protect his children. The special bond a father has with his children is unexplainable. People can see it miles away. He makes sure they are taught how they should treat others and how he/she should be treated. He sets an example through his actions. 

A father is a father in many ways. He is a father:



Step father


Foster parent

Mixed Races

And many other ways.

Thank you for being a father to your children. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. 

Signing off,


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