Tuna Devil Eggs

My mind has been on the go lately. It has been like a waterfall that continues to fall. I manage to keep myself on track by making a schedule everynight for the following day. I even manage to stick to my stop time to clear and relax my mind. Every night before I go to sleep I drink water. By doing this my body will replenish water and balance the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs. Water helps me to balance my hormones and in return this causes me to relax. When I am relax I sleep soundly.  I also find that I am able to digest my food better, not to mention clear those toxins out of my body. 

So this morning after a peaceful sleep, I did my normal routine that is meditation, personal hygiene, exercise, and breakfast. I made tuna devil eggs paired with grapes, and Camille tea mixed with soy milk. So this is the recipe:

Tuna Devil Eggs:

Boil eggs


Garlic salt or pepper


Peel the eggs

Dip the yolk out in a bowl

Drain the tuna

Combine tuna and yolk with the ingredients listed above. Spoon the mixture into the egg whites. Now they are ready to eat.


Signing off,


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