Feeding the Body

This morning I was thinking ūüí≠ what am I going to feed my mind, body, and soul today. I knew I had to change my eating habits once again based on my body reactions. The heart burn, indigestion, and acne hijacked my body. It has been through so much because I was not treating it like a Queen.  I did not know who it was any longer. So it is time I take it back. I decided to go vegan. 

Vegan is perfect for me because I love animals, and I believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation is when someone or something die they are reborn. They come back in a different physical body or form after death. There are many times I feel like animals act in ways that someone or something who has passed acted. They are protecting and loving which is different than anyone on earth. Animals are living creatures that do the same things as human beings except talk. They catch diseases and get ill. When they get ill or have a disease and a person eats them what do you think happens to the person? A rebirth can come back in a physical body or form.  So are you eating someone who has been here?  It is your lifestyle choice of what you eat. I do not judge.  My family eats meat, and I don’t try to push my lifestyle on them. I love them.  

I have thought about it for months of how to heal my body.  I started out vegetarian and slowly moved to vegan. I was so into eggs and butter. I will do without by substituting.  

Today I ate brown rice topped with fresh tomatos, cucumbers, onions, rice vinegar, cumin, and garlic salt/pepper. It was amazing. 

Simply made Recipe:

Boil brown rice

Chop a small tomato 

Chop  a white onion

Cut half of a cucumber and chop

Mix tomatos, onions, and cucumber. Sprinkle garlic salt/garlic pepper and cumin on TOC. Pour rice vinegar in the mix. Let it sit to marinate. 

After the brown rice is done top it with the mixture.

  • Then I thought what would I feed my mind in thoughts today, and what would I rule and block out. I fed my mind with reading a book, crocheting, and writing a book.  My thoughts was all positive and focused. I ruled and blocked out all the negative and over flow of thoughts.

The vision of my soul is always the same, however ways of doing it is somewhat different at times.  I seek answers to my thoughts in reading different things in many different topics. My journey is not complete until the end of time I always remind myself. 

I hope to hear from you regarding your thoughts on health and wellness.

Signing off,


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